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Research FAQ

Why Research For Projects?

InvestorView offers a research for proposal or commonly known as a Request For Proposal (RFP)

Our solution enables both product and service providers to provide research on their services, products and solutions in a central location. This enables both large, medium and small to be assessed by users objectively, consistently but with the importance of transparency.

What makes us different?

At InvestorView we provide the same information to be analysed direct by the users, we do not provide our individual opinion nor assessment, but we provide a marketplace that is cost effective, efficient in research, but also incorporates our experience in business due diligence and data gathering capabilities. In some cases small startups with good team credentials do not get the opportunity to present to users, we enable this to happen. Our process called InvestmentView captures information that allow investors to gain an initial understanding and then permits further due diligence.

Investorview Advantage

  1. Comprehensive and transparent funding solution
  2. Proprietary developed pitch, business and operations tools
  3. Detailed equity module with advanced data capture for due diligence
  4. Equity Placement + Equity Crowdfunding Functionality
  1. Detailed RFP and Resource Module for enhanced profiling
  2. Experienced staff and support services for easy team assistance
  3. Online + Offline support for your capital raising
  4. Competitive tailored fee structures for your business
  1. Strategic consulting services
  2. Hands on management experience with start ups
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