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User FAQ

If you have any questions about a project or reward, you can contact the Project Owner directly.
How to message a Project Owner:
  • Log in and go to the Project Page for the project that you would like to contact
  • On the top menu bar on the Project Page, click the “Message Project” link
  • Type your details and your message to the Project Owner - click "Send Message"

This will send your message directly to the Project Owner, who will notified via email.If you wish to pledge towards a project on equity, donation, lend or pledge on InvestorView.net you will need to register as a user.By registering, you are joining the investorview community and agree to abide by our Terms of Use

You will need to choose a username to identify yourself when sending messages, making pledges or leaving comments.We need to take your email address so the Project Owner can contact you regarding updates on their project and for reward fulfilment. 

Please note: You can choose to pledge anonymously, in this case your username will not appear publicly.

Investorview Advantage

  1. Comprehensive and transparent funding solution
  2. Proprietary developed pitch, business and operations tools
  3. Detailed equity module with advanced data capture for due diligence
  4. Equity Placement + Equity Crowdfunding Functionality
  1. Detailed RFP and Resource Module for enhanced profiling
  2. Experienced staff and support services for easy team assistance
  3. Online + Offline support for your capital raising
  4. Competitive tailored fee structures for your business
  1. Strategic consulting services
  2. Hands on management experience with start ups
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