company history

Global Mutual Funds is a licensed securities dealer and boutique investment advisory business established in 2001. The company holds a Australian Financial Services License (222640)and Australian Credit License with the Australian Securities and Investment Commission.

  • 2002

    start with a small service – MyMoney®

    This was the time when we started our company. We had no idea how far we would go, we weren’t even sure that we would be able to survive for a few years. What drove us to start the company was the understanding that we could provide a service no one else was providing. Start building our first brand for our business – MyMoney®

  • 2004

    first employees, mortgages, advisory, accounting

    This was the first period when Global Mutual Funds actually felt like it would stick around for a while. We realized we were growing more stable and expanding at the same time. We needed a new office as we had severely outgrown the last one. We started scouting for a new location. We started offering corporate finance, asset management, credit financing, advisory and wealth management.

  • 2004

    launches investorview® and investmentview®

    Global Mutual Funds launches our new market place solutions and information on financial services

  • 2007-

    launches new solutions from finance, food, technology, dating. business management

    The business group launches multiple new products and services and continues to currently operate them. Our solutions include MyGoals, Topland Management Your Concierge, Global Mutual Funds Unlimited Advantage. MySuperOptions, Money247, Self Drive, iMoney, iWealth, WheresBob, LickIt, iWealth, iMoney, iView, iTasteLove, FindMyMoney, MyDate, Qrazy, MyBullion, MyFunds, iPass,iBop, iTaste

  • 2010

    boutique corporate services

    By this time we were a well known name within the industry. Our successful transactions included privatisation of ASX listed software company including underwriting and corporate advisory and subsequent trade sale of business, Investment management of Asian Fund of Fund ASX Listed Investment Company, Company Secretarial of ASX Listed Investment Companies, establishment and founding of start up entities, intellectual property trademark defences and many other tasks and roles.

  • 2016

    launches Ignitive Ventures

    Co-founder of Ignitive Ventures an incubator program partnering with European technology house that operated under the Australian Governments ESIC program. Developed and funded the company with financial transparency personal finance solution, cyber security and corporate compliance and voting.

  • 2017

    launches Monevation

    Launches new solution focus on start ups and acceleration with focus on fintech, enertech and regtech solutions. Through provision of a wide range of services from Australian Financial Services and Credit License, Intellectual Property Registration, Analysis of Low Code Platforms Rapid Development Platforms we are able to assist our clients and partners with a broad base of services.

  • 2017

    launches Ding®

    Launches DING an integrated centralised platform leveraging technology for instant chatbot messaging that incorporates 8 platforms for ease of use and incorporation. Leveraging the development of existing platforms Ding can easily and simply provide a 24 hour 7 day a week customer assistant solution for your business.

  • 2018

    launches BCyber

    Founder of BCyber and launches specialised cybersecurity company focusing on cyber insurance, anti-malware and virus software investing, AI Cyber Chat Bots incorporating NLP and Machine Learning

  • 2018

    launches MyKnowledgeMark

    Co-Founder of MyKnowledgeMark a specialised intellectual property company providing pre-lodgement search, registration, commercial defence, opposition and non-use applications. The focus is on utilising blockchain and incorporating AI, NLP and ML into the monitoring, management and commercialisation of intellectual property.

  • 2019

    launches BlockX

    Co-Founder of BlockX a blockchain initiative for corporate governance, company secretarial, shareholder registry and maintenance, board and shareholder meetings and document storage. Leveraging the Ethereum approach BlockX incorporates the operational and accounting functions and brings together the authenticity, liquidity, capital raising and monitoring within a single platform.

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